Bytesloader’s got a new update

Dear Bytesloader Community,

A few days back, we rolled out the update to our website (check it here). The update brought in a broad change in the way how each one of you has been using Bytesloader for all this while. Our design and product philosophy has always been about one core principle – We want to make your sessions on the website purely transparent and visible by reducing the clutter, doing multi –tasking and providing a fast, safe and seamless experience.

A vast majority of our users come back to us several times a month and sometimes several times a week to experience the ultimate downloading platform. When we embarked on our redesign, we wanted to create an absolutely simple repeat experience for our returning user, while keeping the new user experience simple and easy. One of the ways we wanted to make your downloads more personal was to make a “Dashboard” which includes your recent downloads, current downloads, and your personal file manager. By doing this, we were hoping to create an experience that doesn’t require you to browse here and there in different pages for file manager and then coming back for the downloads (as in our previous version). After all, we don’t make downloading just easy, but managing the downloaded files a lot easy.

We are almost a week old with this update now and the feedback that we are receiving tells us that we are not creating delight for you – Creating delight is something that you have come to expect of us and that’s completely not OK for us to not achieve. Many of you have written to us stating as to how it has become harder for you to use our website and the speed issues also. A lot of comments are around the server speed, errors while zipping downloading and problems in managing the files.

Read here about the mobile website and more features

We want to unconditionally apologize to you for the inconvenience caused and we hope that with this new update, we have managed to make a hassle free use of the website. Clearly, there have been gaps in our judgement on what’s a great experience for you and also the way we interpreted the data that we got from our beta community, focus group discussions and user testing results. What we believed would make your experience better has not achieved that goal and it’s not OK for us. It’s not OK for us to have a product experience that doesn’t set you up for delight.

The tech team has worked extremely hard to incorporate your feedback and released an update that addresses many, if not all of your concerns. We are confident that the update will get us back on track and help us win your trust and support back.

We want to thank you for your support and patronage through these months and we want to reassure that the only success criteria is to wdelight you, every single time. Please do keep writing to us about what you think about Bytesloader and your feedback is the single most powerful tool for us make our product better and delightful. Our email is


Team Bytesloader



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Bytesloader in a Nutshell


Bytesloader is an online downloading service (SaaS) that let you downloads any file locally or cloud in 3 clicks. Featured with an online audio-video downloader, web crawler and torrent client.


1. Unlimited Storage
2. No File Size Limits
3. No Speed Restrictions
4. Transfer Downloads to Cloud Storage (Google Drive, DropBox, Mega, pCloud)
5. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitch, Break Like 1000+ Download support
6. Playlist Downloading From Sites Like YouTube etc.
7. Online Audio-Video Converter
8. Download remote files (http/https/ftp)
9. Live Stream Capture
10. Download Website – Web Crawler

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Bytesloader Premium

Bytesloader provides all its downloading technologies to its user at a minimal cost. No one providing at such price in the market. Our aim is not to run a business around it but to provide the facilities to utilize the maximum potential of the free internet what it suppose to be.

Bytesloader premium plans changes over time but mostly contains the following:-

  1. Unlimited Zipping
  2. Google Drive transfer
  3. Dropbox transfer
  4. Mega transfer
  5. pCloud transfer
  6. Ads Free
  7. Live Stream
  8. Audio-Video Conversion

Like other platforms providing similar technologies online there is no restriction on storing and file sizes.

Payment mode includes default payment gateway which you can use to pay via your Debit-Credit Card. You can also pay via PayPal by sending the mail to the team. bitcoins are currently not accepted by Bytesloader because of being a more volatile currency.  You can contact the team anytime to come up with a better solution.

Promo code can be available by stating valid reason to the Bytesloader Team in case you are purposely don’t want to pay and the team will help you out. But the prices are so low that its better you pay to support the service.



What is Bytesloader?

Bytesloader is an online downloading service (SaaS) that let you downloads any file directly into your hard drives or cloud storage in hardly 3 clicks. With various protocols supported. It also comes with an online audio-video capturing, web crawler and torrent client so there is no need to download extra apps on any device.

Bytesloader aims for futuristic light weight operating systems and storage which will run on cloud infrastructure. It sometimes getting difficult to upload files to your cloud storage or crawling files from a website at your regular internet connection. What if we are limited to a handheld device? Then this conditions become worse.

We do not keep the files for long. For persistent storage we give option to download to existing cloud storage technologies.

Introducing Mobile Website with cloud storage features

After a month of beta launch, intensive testing and updating our ultimate online downloading tool – Bytesloader – is finally good to go to cherish the ever increasing mobile users. This signals our first significant add-on feature, following the launch of the beta website last month. Somewhere along the process of testing and updating, and the hundreds of feedbacks from our users, we finally thought of doing something our users were demanding, the mobile site.

Also, we’re happy to announce that out tech team has done a great job in making the cloud storage feature currently supported on Dropbox and Google Drive. Yesterday, the 13th March was a day of celebration for our team as we completed our first month of the successful launch of Bytesloader. The response had been tremendous from not only India but other countries viz. USA, UK, Singapore, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines and a couple more, but more than 90% users are from India only.

Given that our main focus was and will be on condensing tons of downloading tools and experiences under ridiculously easy-to-use downloading tool, this update was a must to be aligned with that mission.Our users are complaining about they are tested again and again with login option, here is the reason for that.

Mobile site with cloud saving feature

Some features you should definitely know about in Bytesloader:

File Manager

This is the reason we added the login option, to give you a personalized feeling whenever you download your favourite stuff. The file manager is one of the things that sets us apart from other mainstream online downloaders. Here is a look at the File Manager of the mobile website.

Playlist downloading all at once

Our team is a bunch of college students who are in constant need of learning new stuff and our first and foremost knowledge hub is…you guessed it right, YouTube. It has given us the power to learn everything and anything we want, but what about the 50 video playlist I need to save offline to see it later on? This motivated us to make Bytesloader and add a feature that can download playlists in one go. Well, thank us later because the next feature will blow your mind.

Download the whole website

What has the hell? Are you kidding? No, we’re not. Yes, you can download the contents of a whole website. Just enter the URL of that particular web page and our frabjous crawling feature will download all the videos, audios, drivers, images etc. in few clicks.

Don’t worry if you accidentally close your browser

Ha ha ha, this time, you are just kidding…Well, we are not and joking with our users won’t land us anywhere. If by chance you close your browser accidentally or intentionally, your download won’t get stopped. It will continue and you can come back later and save it to your PC. One thing should be noted that the limit is only for three days as the server gets slowed down if useless files are lying there for long.

And last but not the least, the newly added feature.

Save to your cloud account

I got this…This is what I needed? But did you seriously do this? We’re here to help. As seen in the first picture above, we have provided our users with this feature so that they can access their downloaded files anytime and anywhere around the world.

Thank you all for being our users and #KeepDownloading.

Bytesloader – Best online downloading experience.

bytesloader: best online downloader

In computer networks, to download is to receive data from a remote system, typically a server such as a web server, an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, an email server, or other similar systems. Downloading generally transfers the whole data object for local storage and later use, as contrasted with streaming, where the data is used nearly immediately while the transmission is still in progress, and which may not be stored long-term.

Streaming content has become more popular in recent years, but many people aren’t prepared to ditch their larger capacity smartphones, computers, and storage devices just yet.

Started in the mid-90s, people’s love affair with downloading files – from movies and MP3s to torrents and applications – is as strong as it ever was, and with increasingly fast broadband and mobile connectivity, more data is being downloaded to hard drives than at any point in history.

Soon to meet this demand various download managers and online downloaders have emerged. But none of them were completely bugged free or definitely had some sort of malware or unwanted threats. Internet download managers have existed for almost as long as the Internet has been around, and have similarly evolved over time. Their primary goal is still to help you with downloading large or multiple files, but many now come with extra functionality that supercharges the process – from splitting files into separate partitions to help land them onto your hard drive quicker to converting them to other file formats to be played on other devices.

What is Bytesloader?

Among the top 5 online downloaders is Bytesloader made by some college students. Being students, they knew what were the problems faced during the process of downloading and that too majorly under proxy internet settings which pose many restrictions on browsing.

Bytesloader is a complete solution to your all Downloading needs, running 24×7 online. With unique features like crawl, you can download all contents of an entire website or specific multiple files from a website like Images, Videos, Applications, Documents, Zipped files and many more downloadable contents in just a few clicks, without a hassle of singular downloads one at a time. And yes, it is free.

You can convert magnet torrents links to download links, download multiple files of music, videos or complete playlists from more than 700 popular websites including YouTube22tracks, SoundCloud, 9gag etc, covering almost all your daily needs and interests. Having a versatile downloading and management solution at your hand like saving and / or moving files to your Cloud Storage like Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon Cloud, etc. is a step ahead.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get the list of downloads we had done in past few days? Well, you guessed it right. Bytesloader provides your personal File Manager with everything you have downloaded kept there. Just log in using Facebook or Google+, and get personalized the downloading experience.

Saving or moving things to cloud storage is a unique feature in its process of development, which will clearly make Bytesloader stand apart from rest of the online downloaders. Similarly, the crawling feature is much more efficient than others which make its swift movement across various URLs possible in a matter of a few seconds. Isn’t that cool?

A common misconception is that downloading is all about illegal activity. It isn’t – there are many legitimate reasons to fire up an internet download manager – such as wanting to grab a file that you’ve uploaded yourself after you’ve lost the original copy or you might be downloading creative works or open source material that has been made available by the author.

So fasten up your seat belts and get ready to explore the whole new dimension of downloading. Brace yourselves as you will get addicted to downloading with its exotic features!