Introducing Mobile Website with cloud storage features

After a month of beta launch, intensive testing and updating our ultimate online downloading tool – Bytesloader – is finally good to go to cherish the ever increasing mobile users. This signals our first significant add-on feature, following the launch of the beta website last month. Somewhere along the process of testing and updating, and the hundreds of feedbacks from our users, we finally thought of doing something our users were demanding, the mobile site.

Also, we’re happy to announce that out tech team has done a great job in making the cloud storage feature currently supported on Dropbox and Google Drive. Yesterday, the 13th March was a day of celebration for our team as we completed our first month of the successful launch of Bytesloader. The response had been tremendous from not only India but other countries viz. USA, UK, Singapore, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines and a couple more, but more than 90% users are from India only.

Given that our main focus was and will be on condensing tons of downloading tools and experiences under ridiculously easy-to-use downloading tool, this update was a must to be aligned with that mission.Our users are complaining about they are tested again and again with login option, here is the reason for that.

Mobile site with cloud saving feature

Some features you should definitely know about in Bytesloader:

File Manager

This is the reason we added the login option, to give you a personalized feeling whenever you download your favourite stuff. The file manager is one of the things that sets us apart from other mainstream online downloaders. Here is a look at the File Manager of the mobile website.

Playlist downloading all at once

Our team is a bunch of college students who are in constant need of learning new stuff and our first and foremost knowledge hub is…you guessed it right, YouTube. It has given us the power to learn everything and anything we want, but what about the 50 video playlist I need to save offline to see it later on? This motivated us to make Bytesloader and add a feature that can download playlists in one go. Well, thank us later because the next feature will blow your mind.

Download the whole website

What has the hell? Are you kidding? No, we’re not. Yes, you can download the contents of a whole website. Just enter the URL of that particular web page and our frabjous crawling feature will download all the videos, audios, drivers, images etc. in few clicks.

Don’t worry if you accidentally close your browser

Ha ha ha, this time, you are just kidding…Well, we are not and joking with our users won’t land us anywhere. If by chance you close your browser accidentally or intentionally, your download won’t get stopped. It will continue and you can come back later and save it to your PC. One thing should be noted that the limit is only for three days as the server gets slowed down if useless files are lying there for long.

And last but not the least, the newly added feature.

Save to your cloud account

I got this…This is what I needed? But did you seriously do this? We’re here to help. As seen in the first picture above, we have provided our users with this feature so that they can access their downloaded files anytime and anywhere around the world.

Thank you all for being our users and #KeepDownloading.


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