Bytesloader (https://www.bytesloader.com) is the free online downloading tool and complete solution to one’s all downloading needs, running 24 hours. Its new WEB CRAWLING feature sets it apart from all other online downloaders.

You can download an entire website, all the contents of the website, specific multiple files from a website like IMAGES, VIDEOS, APPLICATIONS, DOCUMENTS, DRIVERS and much more downloadable content in just a few clicks. Its unique feature of downloading from as many links as you can at a time makes it one of the best in its industry.

You can download multiple files of music, videos, all the videos in a playlist especially from websites including YouTube, 22Tracks, Vimeo plus 700 more websites which cover almost all your daily needs and interests.

The most remarkable feature is that you can start a download and then close your browser which will not alter you downloading and will download your file and then save to your account’s File Manager.

Online File Manager in your account makes you see last 12 hours downloads and save them on the bytesloader’s server for a few days.

Apart from these UPCOMING unique features, bytesloader also gives you a handy support for TORRENT files download. Download legitimate torrents from our site with no limitations. It provides you the full independence to download files of any size (no size limit). Having a versatile downloading and management solution at your hand like saving and / or moving files to your cloud drive in a FLASH SPEED is a step ahead.

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